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The WECTU website enables you to find business that provide eldercare services in your, or your elderly relative’s vicinity. To accomplish this, WECTU needs to use an address as it’s search area origin. When you create a new account, the address that you provide to WECTU is used as this search origin. Without an address, the system defaults to the Baltimore, MD area which is useless unless you live in Baltimore.


Therefore, if you wish to find service providers, it is necessary to create a WECTU account with a valid address!


Creating an account is a straightforward task which can be accomplished by performing the following actions:


1.   Locate and use your mouse to hover over the account menu selector which is in the rightmost location on the menu bar at the top of the page.


2.   Left mouse click the “Create an Account” menu selection.


3.   Fill in the Account Fields.

4.   Save your password so that you may login to your WECTU account.

5.   Fill in the Address Fields. PLEASE NOTE: The address that you enter will be used as the search area origin so enter the address of the person that you wish to aid.

6.   Press the “Create Account” button to save your new WECTU account.



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