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If you are the owner or representative of a company that has been given an intial listing on the WECTU website, you may wish to add a description of your company to your listing. However, before you can modify your listing you must first "Take Ownership" of it. Taking ownership of a listing is a process whereby you certify to WECTU that you are the legal owner or represantative of the listed company.


The following instructions detail the steps required to take ownership of a listing and to then add a company description:


1.   Follow the "Create New Account" instructions to create the account that you will use when accessing the WECTU website.

2.   When entering the address portion of your new account, please tell WECTU that you are setting up a service provider account by selecting the "Is your company a service provider?" checkbox.


3.   After you have completed setting up your new account, enter your company name in the search text box and press enter to find your company's listing.


4.   Select your company name from the search results.


5.   Your company's listing will be displayed. You might notice the sample enhanced listing in the left hand portion of the "Also Consider" section of your listing. This listing provides an example of a listing that has been enhanced with the addition of images. Images may be added to your listing to show potential clients your physical premises, applicable certifications, etc...


6.   Select the "Take Ownership" link to take ownership of your listing.


7.   If you have decided to enhance your listing with the addition of images, select the "Image Upload" enhancement checkbox and then select the "PURCHASE ENHANCEMENT" button.


8.   If you would rather not enhance your listing at this time, just select the "TAKE OWNERSHIP" button.


9.   The WECTU checkout page provides the ability to pay for taking ownership of your listing (and your enhancement) via PayPal Express Checkout. Please select the "PayPal Check out" button to begin the payment process.


10.   Upon completion of the PayPal payment process you will be presented with the WECTU payment acknowledgement page.


11.   Having taken ownership of your listing, you are now authorized to change your listing as you see fit. To add a company description or change incorrect or outdated imformation, you need to repeat the previous search process by entering your company name in the search box.


12.   Select your company name from the search results.


13.   Select the "Edit" link to edit your listing.


14.   Your company information may be changed by entering additional or different information directly on the edit page. The first arrow points to the entry field for the company description. The second arrow points to the "WECTU - Home appointments?" checkbox. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to check this checkbox if your company supports home appointments! The WECTU website provides specific searches for providers that provide home visits. Therefore companies that provide this service will experience greater interest than companies that do not. If you have purchased the "Load Images" enhancement the "MANAGE IMAGES" button will appear on your edit page. Press this button to add or manage your company's images. When you have completed your changes, press the "UPDATE LISTING" button to save your changes.


15.   Enter your company description in the description field. PLEASE NOTE: This field is displayed with search results so consider its' content carefully.


16.   Select the "WECTU - Home appointments" checkbox if your company supports in home appointments.


17.   Select the "MANAGE IMAGES" button to add your company images if you have paid for the "Image Upload" enhancement.


18.   The "Manage Images" dialog lets you add up tp 10 images to your company listing.


19.   The "Manage Images" dialog with some added images.


20.   Close the "Manage Images" dialog by selecting the close box in the upper right corner.


21.   Select the "UPDATE LISTING" button to save your changes.


22.   Congratulations! You have successfully updated your listing.


23.   You have added a description, note the first arrow. You have indicated that your company supports in home appointments, note the second arrow. You have successfully added images to your listing, note the third arrow.



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